About Us

Sharing a laugh in Uganda

In January 2008 Cheri and I came to African Bible University (ABU) for a pastoral sabbatical and, quite unexpectedly, the Lord changed our call from thirty years of pastoral ministry in the United States to teaching at a strategic Bible college in what Winston Churchill called "The Pearl of Africa."  Indeed, Kampala, Uganda, is lush with beautiful foliage, including many fruit-bearing trees.  Why, one need only put a stick in the ground, and soon it has sprouted! However, we were attracted to ministry at ABU because of fruit of another kind--spiritual!  Our first taste of teaching here whetted our appetites to come back as soon as we possibly could.  The Lord graciously provided the funding necessary, and we returned in January 2009 to begin planting God's Word in one of the most fertile ministry fields on planet earth!

While the Lord has provided a beautiful twenty-acre campus with modern buildings to house students and faculty and to facilitate the many courses taught here, the real attraction to African Bible University is the students themselves.  Our students hail from at least eight East African countries and are as different from one another as we Westerners are from all of them.  Yet, the Lord wonderfully blends us together to serve him.  Our faculty and staff consist of a man from Scotland, two people from Great Britain, several from the United States, one from Malawi, and several from Uganda (some are recent graduates of ABU!).

We have two mottos that define who we are and what we're about here at ABU.  The first motto adorns the campus entrance, visible to all driving by: "Teaching the Treasures of God's Truth."  Fundamentally, that is what we are about--imparting the Word of God to our students so that they are equipped to impart it to others.  And the Bible's truth is so desperately needed here!  Someone has said, "In East Africa, Christianity is a mile wide and an inch deep."  As we finish our fifth semester here and gear up for our sixth, I am increasingly convinced of the truth of that statement.  It is easy to find those who claim to be Christians here in Uganda.  They are on every street corner and in every shop.  And leading people to Christ is like picking ripe, low-lying fruit.  The fields truly are ripe for harvest.  The problem, however, is that most Christians here are untaught, or worse, falsely taught.  The health/wealth gospel, undergirded by semi-Pelagianism, and mixed with pagan tribal religions is often the "brand" of Christianity one finds in Africa.  Under the godly and theologically mature leadership of Dr. O. Palmer Robertson, we at ABU are seeking to teach the treasures of God's truth so that our students learn the Word of God rightly and are equipped to teach others rightly.  It is our prayer that the Christian faith here will become as deep as it is wide.

ABU's second motto is "Training Servant Leaders for Christ."  It is true that "servant leadership" has become the darling catchword in today's business world, but we mean biblical servant leadership.  In Mark 10:45 Jesus told his disciples: "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and give his life a ransom for many."  There is a world-wide need for Christian servant leaders and nowhere more than here in Uganda.  This is a developing nation in which opportunities to better oneself avail to some.  As elsewhere, the danger connected with moving up the ladder is stepping on others along the way.  In contrast, we hope to instill in our students Christ-like leadership--serving others rather than self.  We are convinced that this biblical approach to leadership will transform the culture.